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What happens during a treatment, and how long will it take?


First consultation


Usually last approximately an hour.  A case history will be taken including questions about your symptoms and general health.  This is followed by a simple traditional Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis.



Follow up sessions


Usually last approximately 30 minutes and may be at weekly, fortnightly or three-weekly intervals after the first treatment by agreement, according to your specific needs.




The fine needles are gently applied at the precisely located points on the body.  There are usually 5 – 8 needles applied during a treatment session. They are usually left in position for approximately 5 – 20 minutes. As well as treating specific symptoms, many people report an overall improvement in general well-being following acupuncture treatment.

What conditions can accupunture treat?


Acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions and symptoms including:


Dental pain



Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Tension headaches

Lower back pain

Health promotion (including stress reduction & prevention of recurrent ailments)

Is it safe, and are there side effects to treatment?


All members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) observe a Code of Safe Practice, which lays down strict standards of hygiene and requires the use of sterile, single-use (disposable) needles.


Untoward side effects to acupuncture are extremely rare.