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Alex Brooks

Alex qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist in December 2012 with a level 5 BTEC Diploma. He has always had an interest in sports and has been an active participant for many years. Musculoskeletal form and it’s mechanics in relation to sport have always been of interest to Alex and a fascination with the means by which the body can adapt to and repair injury led him to pursue a career in sports and remedial massage.


Sporting activities are not the only cause of injury, postural issues can also give rise to injuries that can be just as debilitating. Whether it is from a sports injury or day to day posture-related injuries such as aches in the legs, neck, shoulders and/or back from work they are all important.

Due to his  involvement in sports, Alex can fully appreciate how being injured is an inconvenient hindrance and that the need to quickly get back to fitness and strength is vital. The objective of sports and remedial massage is to bring about a by sustained recovery as quickly as possible without causing further injury. Alex is continually furthering his learning in order to develop his skills and techniques to assist with this.

Alex Brooks

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